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About Midwest Tree Cutters

Our Company

Founded in 1998 by Jerrel and Ryan Roth     |     Professional and Certified Contractor     |     Fully Insured     |     Free Estimates

Midwest Tree Cutters is a professional and certified contractor in the state of Nebraska. We are fully insured and offer free estimates for any job. We have worked with landowners and a handful of government agencies and non-profits, including; Nebraska Game and Parks, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Nebraska's Natural Resource District.


Midwest Tree Cutters is based in Milford, NE and services rural Nebraska. Using our specially designed tree saws, we are able to cut trees flush with the ground, leaving virtually no stump. Once the trees are cut, we push them together in piles for easy removal by the landowner. No Job is too big or too small.

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